Hey Marty- the 2018 season is getting close!
And we have closeouts and new gear rolling in now !

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The “FreeHeeler’s Demo Tour” in 2017!

This year the Fey Bros with the support of some major Tele and AT companies are putting together a Free- FreeHeeler’s Demo Tour for skiers who want to free the heel…and would like to try it- for free! 22 Designs …
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2017 DEMO TOUR SCHEDULE! (March 11-12 Crotched, NH)

We’ve got a bunch of dates here on “The Tour”, and will be adding to the schedule as opportunities present themselves. Demos can be affected by bad weather, so always email us at telemarkdown@hotmail.com or call to confirm if you’re …
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The Meidjo Review

The Meidjo blows your mind when you first see it. It’s truly a thing of beauty and very light. After skiing the FreeRide and holding the Meidjo in your hand, you cant help but wonder how the hell it’ll hold …
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