TMD’s Nationwide Demo Fleets for 2019

September 18, 2018  |  Uncategorized

2019’s going to be a big year for TMD as we spread Telemark and the TMD Demo Fleet from coast to coast! We’ll have our traveling fleet in the NorthEast- going from event to event, but we’ve added 3 more fleets!
CAMELBACK, PA : Sean Henry is Camelback, PA’s local Tele guru and coordinator of the Camelback Tele-Fest. He and partner Steve Beaulieu came on board with TMD last season and had a stellar year. They got skiers in the Mid-Atlantic on the latest NTN gear and often skied with them, giving Tele-tips to get them started. Camelback is a hotbed for Tele and in 2019 you’ll be able to test the best gear on the planet there. Call Sean to get set up at 570-269-4621
Sean will have a good array of TMD skis, Crispi boots and NTN bindings for skiers to test. Demos will be FREE but you must get in touch with Sean to arrange for skis. The demo fleet will be housed at Camelback Resort, making Camelback the only resort south of Crotched Mountain, NH with an on-site NTN demo fleet.

SLC, UTAH: Arguably the best skiing-Fey, Miles Fey, USTSA member and big mountain skier, will have an NTN rental fleet available for anyone looking to ski in the Wasatch Range and test the latest gear. Give Miles a text or call to set up your gear, fly into SLC and ski the best gear available from Meidjo, 22 Designs, The Pariah Tele Ski, Liberty skis, Crispi and more.
Miles Fey can be reached by calling or text in SLC at 603.325-0531- leave a message- he’ll return your call.

PORTLAND, OR: Fey family legend, Sam Fey, will have an NTN rental fleet available for our customers in the Portland area who are salivating for access to the latest gear. Sam will have a run of Crispi NTN boots matched with Meidjos, 22 Designs, The Pariahs, Liberty and more.

We’re not playing when we say “we’re bringing Tele to the People!” We’ve invested heavily in this concept and plan on bringing more reps on board so skiers have access to quality gear, not washed up old rentals. Tele is moving forward into brave-new 21st century gear- Life is short and your ski gear shouldn’t hold you back from the experience you could be having and the terrain you could be skiing. Get in touch with The Fey Bros or our reps asap! We’ll hook you up.

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