The Meidjo 2.1 2019 review

September 18, 2018  |  Uncategorized

In 2018 the Meidjo 2.1 was introduced. Addressed were some of the shortcomings of the 2.0 that lingered from the earlier versions. Pierre essentially revamped the binding in quite a few areas.
First off, he changed the footprint of the binding, widening the rear 2 holes in the pattern to give it a more stable platform for mounting and taking stress from those 2 rear screws and distributing them more evenly throughout the plate. He also changed the way the spring bars integrate with the Tech toe, making it way more simple and much sturdier.
The “red arm” underfoot that sets the binding in either tour or ski mode was stiffened and beefed up so that breakage would no longer be an issue with it. Also in that are of the binding, the brake spring was redesigned, as was the way the brake integrates into the tech plate. Both aspects were substantial improvements for the brake and are no longer issues.
Toward the rear of the binding, the climb-bar spring was also redesigned and beefed up, so that the bc skiers didn’t have the bar collapsing on them. The actual climbing bar was also reinforced and stiffened. Most importantly for our AT option lovers, the “pole slot” to put the Tech Heel in/out of AT mode was vastly improved, as a small stainless piece was installed to prevent the ski pole from wearing away at the adjusting point.
Review: These improvements to the 2.1 Meidjo are monumental. The binding always skied well, but as any revolutionary binding, it had some growing pains for the first few seasons. The objective was to keep it light, obviously, but there were some durability issues until the 2.1. Those issues have been dealt with and the 2.1 is the “real deal”.
In January of 2018, I mounted a pair of the SummitCone Pariahs with a 2.1 and Crispi Evos and skied them exclusively for the rest of the season. This was my absolute favorite set up of all-time. I skied them as hard as I can on the front side and loved the performance in all conditions. The 2.1 is incredibly fluid and almost has a traditional feel, but with great NTN power. Obviously, no Tele binding to date tours better than the 2.1, so that’s no surprise. So light and fast, your AT pals won’t get away from you again.
I sent out a pair to Utah for Miles Fey to beat-on and he was also smitten. His pair also had the Alpine Heel and he was throwing back flips and large drops both in Tele and AT mode. Two thumbs up from him as well. It’s his everyday go-to now.
The Meidjo costs a few bucks more than other bindings, but life’s short and our skiing careers are even shorter. This is an epic binding in 2019 and deserves consideration, especially if you plan on touring too. For front side skiers, your should know that the Tech Toe is not only incredibly predictable, it’s even more responsive. Skiers are figuring out that there is less lateral loss of energy with a tech than with a standard NTN toe. We were blown away to watch European World Cup Tele racers running gates at full throttle on their Meidjos…and standing on the podium….yes.
Tech is here and Tech is going to be the catalyst for Tele into the next generation. In our humble opinion, it’s now time to make the move.

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