The Meidjo Review

January 22, 2016  |  Uncategorized

The Meidjo blows your mind when you first see it. It’s truly a thing of beauty and very light. After skiing the FreeRide and holding the Meidjo in your hand, you cant help but wonder how the hell it’ll hold up to a pounding and ski actively enough to satisfy the hard-charging NTN skier. I mounted a pair on some Atomic Vantage 95, thinking that this would be a good match and a typical ski someone would want to ski with a Meidjo, with the ability to carve and float in decent snow. I added the extra spring to mine as I noticed on the video footage, that it looked to ski somewhat neutrally.
Here’s my review in a nutshell. They skied amazingly smooth. Great power laterally with a very long, smooth forward flex that made it easy to find the ski’s sweet spot. I took them into bumps, carved hard, long, cross-hill turns at speed, and they felt incredibly fluid and stable. Transitioning to them is almost seamless, EVEN if you’ve got limited NTN experience. The Tech Toe is pretty easy to engage and the step-in ramp is really genius and also easy to use.
The Tech Alpine Heel: My buddy picked up a pair with the Alpine Heels and I watched him Mach hard alpine turns on his first run with them. At the bottom, he was all smiles and was blown away by the stability. He admittedly tried to “blow out” by pushing them to his carving limits on the hardpack and they held up to the test. It was really fun to watch. Going from Telemark to Alpine takes about 5 seconds too.
The Tech Toe for Touring: I haven’t gotten out to tour on them yet, but played around with them a bit doing some kick and glide and the toe piece is really stable and, of course, gives you a completely neutral feel for the tour, and the weight is amazing.
I’m very impressed by this binding and the direction it will take Telemark. This binding is the real-deal.

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