The “FreeHeeler’s Demo Tour” in 2017!

October 3, 2016  |  Uncategorized

This year the Fey Bros with the support of some major Tele and AT companies are putting together a Free- FreeHeeler’s Demo Tour for skiers who want to free the heel…and would like to try it- for free! 22 Designs is sending the new Outlaw NTN binding along with the 75mm Vice and the coveted Bishops as well. Crispi will be sponsoring most of the boot line for both Tele and AT and ski companies, Atomic,Liberty, Hart and Ramp are also taking part just to name a few. Wanna try the MEIDJO?? We’ll have them too!
We are active sponsors of all eastern US Tele Team races and will be at all events this year with our demo fleet. This is a chance to see the best Tele racers in the US all in one place
Our schedule will be coming out in November and if your mountain is having a Tele/AT day or you’d like to, let us know. We might be able to get it on the schedule.

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  1. SE Schultze says:

    You’re not a store, right, only a website?

  2. Chad rioux says:

    I live in New Hampshire and was wondering if you had any in store demos. I am interested in trying something with the ntn binding. Thanks

  3. Richard Labelle says:

    I wish for a demo day in northern Vermont????
    Thank You

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