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Looking for a waxless ski in the mid-fat waxless category...the 110 could be your ticket up and down.Designed for off-trail exploring and confident downhill performance, the BC 110 is a lightweight, metal edge backcountry touring ski. Moderate tip rocker, low camber height, and an effective sidecut provide better float and easier turn initiation on descents. Waxless Positrack bases provide the best blend of grip and glide in all snow conditions with no prep or climbing skins.
Great fit with a 3 pin Rottefella and Crispi Antarctic 75mm leather boot. NNN options are also available.

SUGGESTED BOOT/BINDING COMBO: Crispi Antarctic - Rottefella 3 pin or G3 Targa

Size Available 169, 179, 189
Main size 179
Weight 1350 gr / 179
Construction Activ' Cap & Steel Edge
Base tuning Positrack

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