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The Hart One is an award winner again, with new graphics and super durable topsheet, and is the perfect ski for the carver who wants to get into a twin with some shape for laying out the big, round turns. They're versatile, and very smooth and damp on edge. Unique to this ski is it's user-friendly nature and ballsy attitude. It  gets on edge like a ski in the mid-fat catagory...but it's certainly a FATTY at 97mm under foot.  Its sidecut makes it a very desirable ski for lifts, but it's so floaty you'll want to find the POW!  Moguls are not luxury terrain either. They swing so fast, you'll want to attempt the zipper-lines under the chair.
Fey Bros Favorite...as well as the folks who got to demo them at one of our Telemarkdown Demo Fests.
A very special ski indeed.
Mount 'em Tele/AT or Alpine...

Availability & Specifications
Hart The One Skis
-Laminate wood core construction
-9.5mm UHMW Sidewall
-2 X 22 ounce Triaxial Braided fiberglass layers
-1-9 ounce Unidirectional fiberglass layer
-Crown 4000 Base
-360 degree Wrap-48 RHC Hardness Edge
-Super Durable Nylon Coex Topsheet

Dimensions: 132-97-122 Radius: 19m @ 175cm


  1. Paul Gillan says:

    Currently, mostly skiing groomed hills in Michigan on the Hart Pulse. What a ski! When it gets soft and mashy, I go to K2 Hardsides , another really fun ski. I’m intrigued by your write up of the Hart One. Both are 181ish in length. Two questions: With my two ski set up, does this ski make sense; will it give me a significantly different ride (2 guestions in one); and what length makes the most sense ( I’m 175 lbs, 5’10”, 60 years young, I’m a strong, aggressive skier with moments or days of weakness?