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WE WILL GET YOU INTO AN NTN FOR LESS THAN ANY OTHER SHOP!!...LOOK AT OUR BOOT CLOSEOUTS TO GO WITH OUR LOW BINDING PRICES! You can get a boot and binding for virtually the same as a "duckbill"  set up. Call us with your questions.

New Telemark Norm
The NTN is a binding for Telemark Freeride Skiing, that gives the rider unparalleled edge control and a variety of user benefits. It offers the simplicity and security of an alpine binding without sacrificing  the freedom of the heels.
Leaving the traditional 75mm duckbill behind, the progressive New Telemark Norm (NTN), splits from the herd to redifine free heel technology.
Easier, smoother and stronger, the binding’s construction and performance is unlike anything you have ever skied.
** NOTE: This binding is movable from ski to ski... The FreeRide slides onto a mounting plate that mounts to your ski, so if you want to use this binding on ANOTHER pair of skis, you buy another NTN Plate and Heel($69) and you can use this binding on your other pair of skis, which makes creating a quiver of NTN skis pretty cheap.

*Material:Aluminum, plastic
*Climbing Bars:
*Riser: 33mm
*Internal Compression Springs
*Weight[Small NTN for Mondo sizes up to 26] 4lb (1850g); [Long for Mondo sizes 26.5 to 32] 4lb 4oz (1940g)
*Recommended Use:Telemark, resort or backcountry

We offer free mounting of any binding we carry when you purchase a ski-binding combination; however, we must have your boot sole length to mount Alpine Touring bindings, and either boot sole length or mondo size and model for telemark binding mounts. The information should be inserted by the buyer in the "notes" field in the checkout cart. If you are unsure of your boot specifications, please call us at 603-533-5589.

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