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The NTN FreeRide or Freedom binding can be fitted with any of the following cartridges from soft-to-stiff. The Cartridges for the FreeRide and the Freedom are different, so please verify which "model" you have.
NO RED CARTRIDGES are available any more- Rottefella has discontinued them!!

WHITE- Very Soft- for Touring or for light skiers under 100lbs/kids

GREEN- Soft- This cartridge comes with all the Short NTN bindings. For skiers who weigh under 140(roughly) or who like a softer cartridge.

BLUE- Mid- This cartridge comes with all the stock Long NTN bindings 140lbs and up

We offer free mounting of any binding we carry when you purchase a ski-binding combination; however, we must have your boot sole length to mount Alpine Touring bindings, and either boot sole length or mondo size and model for telemark binding mounts. The information should be inserted by the buyer in the "notes" field in the checkout cart. If you are unsure of your boot specifications, please call us at 603-533-5589.


  1. quinton says:

    Can you please clarify the quantity. Does “1” in the checkout mean 1 tube or a package of 4 tubes. Is the price $55 each or $55 for all 4 together?