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The Alpine Heel for the Meidjo is the first of its kind. By adding this to your Meidjo Telemark binding you have the capability to both Telemark and Alpine....all in one binding, boot and ski system. The Heel is very easy to install and very quick to engage the rear tech fittings. You can literally go from a Telemark binding to Alpine ski mode in about 10 seconds. This piece makes this binding the only binding ever designed that both Tele and Alpine....all-in-one!
Only the Crispi World Cup, Evo or Shiver are compatible with the Meidjo Heel- Scarpa and Scott do not include Tech Heel with their NTN boots.

Flippin' light!
Only compatible Crispi NTN Telemark Boots

We offer free mounting of any binding we carry when you purchase a ski-binding combination; however, we must have your boot sole length to mount Alpine Touring bindings, and either boot sole length or mondo size and model for telemark binding mounts. The information should be inserted by the buyer in the "notes" field in the checkout cart. If you are unsure of your boot specifications, please call us at 603-533-5589.

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