Gordini Virve

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High-end performance meets unmatched convenience in the Virve®. The exclusive Re-Up® interchangeable system makes the chore of switching out lenses fast, easy and clean. Forget about struggling and smearing fingerprints on your new lens— with the Virve® its just “Pop It And Swap It.” Premium throughout, every Virve® comes standard with *Toric Visual Acuity optics for excellent field of vision, superior GVS venting to eliminate fog, and an extra mirrored spherical lens for rocking on bluebird days.


+ Medium - Large Fit
+ The Easiest Interchangeable Lens System
+ Spherical Lens
+ Gordini Venting System (GVS)
+ 2 Lenses / 2 Goggle Bags Included
+ Outriggers For Helmet Compatibility

Lens Options:

Gold Mirror

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