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The Outback is super-fat without a weight issue. Early-rise, 105mm under foot and a light wood core make touring around seeking the untracked a real pleasure that will make you smile as you think of your pal going to work on a powder day(text photo). Their damp nature makes them a great crud buster as well as a smooth ski for the deep and soft. The Outback can be skied on the piste hardpack with no issues as it's smooth to its edges and mows over all kinds of  variable terrain and snow conditions....don't change a thing with this gem.
Great ski for the 60/40 off piste Tele or AT skier
GREAT BUY ON AN AMAZING FATTY! Ridiculous deal on these....

Availability & Specifications
WEIGHT: 8.5 lbs.
CORE: Superior float requires a superior platform, our bamboo and poplar wood core provides flexibility and strength and feels lightweight and maneuverable under foot helping in the off-piste world. Wet lay up of wrapped fiberglass over and under this eco-friendly wood core.
SIDEWALL: The UHMW sidewalls prevent side-holing with a superior anti-crush rating.
BASE: The IMS 2000 base is fast and holds any wax at temperature. Rubber dampened above and below the sidewall with 2mm layers.
EDGES: P33 RCH48 steel in a 360 degree wrap allowing the seams to be nearly invisible. Special UHMW PE toe inserts.
TOPSHEET: Nylon gloss with graphics sublimated into the ISO 8210 material.
Length: 178 Sidecut: 132-105-123 r 25
Length: 188 Sidecut: 132-105-123 r 27

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