Atomic Automatic 109( 2-left )

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The Automatic's Light Woodcore is a lively and smooth-flexing foundation that strikes a killer balance between being nimble, poppy, and powerful. To increase the latter characteristic, Atomic layered up the center of the ski with titanium Sprocket Power Boosters, lightweight inserts that give the ski some extra bite and power to help you push speed limits and stay aggressive when the terrain gets tough. The spine of the Automatic gets another boost from the Step Down Sidewalls 2.0 construction, which features stiff, powerful, and aggressive sidewalls underfoot for killer edging performance and stability at speed.
At the tips and tails, the full sidewalls give way to a half-cap construction, which serves up a smooth, predictable feel that helps you easily engage your edges and rip off turns without having to manhandle the Automatic. A half-cap also reduces weight, which keeps you quick and nimble in techy terrain, and makes it easier to get spinny if you're feeling so inclined. All of this works in concert with Atomic's Power Rocker, which in this case features a generous amount of tip rocker to smooth out choppy snow and give you plenty of pow-gobbling float, an aggressive section of underfoot camber for aggressive high-speed edging and control, and a raised tail that lets you throw your skis sideways to scrub speed and kick up huge spray. Mount em Tele or Alpine.

Length 175 cm
Dimensions [182] 134 / 109 / 124 mm
Turn Radius [182] 18.5 m
Profile Powder Rocker (30% tip rocker, 55% underfoot camber, 15% tail rocker)
Construction Step Down Sidewall 2.0
Core Light Woodcore (poplar), titanium laminate
Powder Rocker (rockered tip, camber underfoot, and raised tail)
Step Down Sidewall 2.0 half-cap construction
Poplar Light Woodcore
Titanium Sprocket Power Booster laminate
Sintered base
Steel edges

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