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The Hart Attack may be one of the most impressive all mtn skis to hit the market in the last  few years.  The perfect combination of being very light while being extremely damp make for an unbeatable ski in virtually all conditions whether you're on or off piste. The Attack loves the trees and bumps and can get over to edge extremely fast. If you're looking for one of the ultimately fun mid-fats that can really perform, look no further.
Fey Bros Favorite  ***GOLD MEDAL WINNER *** from major ski magazine review.

Availability & Specifications
- 2012 Hart Attack Skis
- All Mountain Ski
- Fiberglas and Titanal layup
- IS 7500 PTex bottoms
- ABS sidewalls
- Twin Tip
Dimensions: 123-86-112
Turn Radius: 19m @ 180cm
Lengths: 166cm,174cm, 180 cm


  1. Jim says:

    Hi folks from SW Montana. I’m looking at the Hart Attacks in 180 for those days where it is a little firmer. Currently skiing the BD Amperage in 175 for soft days, and the Stockli Easy Rider in 180 for firm days, though the latter are a little too stiff and narrow (out here) for tele application I think. Both skis set up with BD O2′s Mid-Stiff, Garmont Ener-G (have wide feet). Not a big fan of metal in tele skis, especially with the new composites coming out. Me: 40 something advanced tele-r (for 5 years, snowboarding and alpine before tele 30 years ) who likes skis with 17-21m-ish sidecuts and soft shovels. Love making turns and not terribly into speed. My “breakthrough” tele ski was the Atomic RT86 in 176, so looks like geometry similar with the Attack.

    Your video review was good, but the dilemna I have is that there just is not much information on the ’12 Attack- Hart’s own website says nothing about metal or early rise or carbon or glass in the layup. Their photo of the ski shows an earlier model maybe? Confusing to say the least. I was considereing the ’12 BD Warrant but it is wider than I want at 95 underfoot and I won’t pay $550+ for a new ski with no early rise shovel these days. What is the layup, flex and radius like for these new Attack skis? I’m stoked that at least SOMEONE is trying to make skis back here in the USA these days, and would be willing to give these a try if the “fit” was right.

    Love the site!

    • erikfey says:

      The Attack is absolutely my favorite lower mid-fat. On my first run on them, I was sold. They’re extremely well made with a carbon layer that loses weight, but an uncanny dampness to them that I’ve never felt in another ski this light. Totally versatile in bumps, groomers, touring and pretty nice in pow with the early rise too. You can’t go wrong with this ski. It is one of the most impressive skis I have ever skied. I try to push these beyond my limits in both carves and speed and it’s like there’s a co-pilot keeping the skis under me. Hart cuts no corners with their boards and makes this one right here in the USA…as you can tell, I’m a huge fan. My advice is get this ski.