Faction Agent 90

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Looking for a very well balanced ski to attack the on and off piste? Who isn't?? We love skiing the Faction Agent 90 in all types of snow. They are very light, super quick and stable for ripping turns on the groomers or moguls, but throw a pair of climbing skins on these and go get the back or slack country turns too. We really love the edge to edge quickness and versatility the Agent 90 gives and the playful nature of the ski at all speeds. Total winner and with a 92 mm waist that East or West coast skiers can appreciate. Faction skis are made in Verbier with a long history of great ski making behind them.
Great deal on a great ski- Fey Bros favorite for lifts and tours.
The Faction has been a favorite in our demo fleet this year!


Dimensions:126/92/116 - Tip.Waist.Tail:
Sidecut:18,19,20,21 according to length
Weight:1600 g/179 length

Bases:PTex 4000
Topsheets:Gloss lacquer

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