Rossi Slat 7 (clearance)

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Some skis claim to be the boards for any conditions, and the Slat 7 might just have a case. A 97mm waist, AutoTurn Rocker and nice snappy camber under footmake the Slat 7 a perfect ski to attack the piste or slip off into the "slack country" or into the trees for some untracked or into a bump line. This ski is damp, and quiet and Telemark skiers or AT skiers will love the playful, easy-going nature of the Slat 7 and if you care to take a spin in the park, let these bad-boys fly! Putting air between you and the snow will never be so easy as it is on these.
Great deal on these while they last!
SHOP REVIEW: This ski is an absolute blast to turn. I was really impressed by their quickness to roll over to edge and the extreme dampness on edge. When I got into the woods into some deeper snow they really moved nicely through everything that got in the way. Performed like I expect a Rossi to perform- damp, super smooth and very stable. This is one of those skis that's a great Tele-ski-crossover that will round out the upper end of your ski quiver or as your go-to. Just a fun ski with major attitude.
Highly recommended!
Length: 174 cm
Dimensions: 130 / 97 / 120 mm
Turn Radius: 23 m
Profile: Auto Turn Rocker (30% low rocker tip & tail, 70% high camber underfoot)
Construction: minicap
Core: wood, fiberglass
Tail: twin tip

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