Liberty Variant 97(clearance!)

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Like to charge hard? Out to have a good time? Come here often? If the Variant 97 could talk, this is what they'd ask you. Now I could go into a diatribe about how great they are on and off piste and sell you on the Hammer Rocker that initiates a turn like butter and how beautifully damp they are at speed, but a really good skier doesn't think and overanalyze - he feels...and these feel so damn good!

It was one of our best skis in the shop in 2016 and the most coveted on our Demo Tour. Hardpack-bumps-pow...don't hold back at all. Skiing shouldn't be this easy.

One skier's review...
"Snowed 5" last night here in Jackson Hole and sure enough, my Liberty Variant 97s were as amazing in the light and fluffy as they were on the NE Hardpack at Loon two weeks ago. These skis are incredible! Also - dropped your name to a few pinheads out here trying to find some good sticks."
Nick Lloyd

The VARIANT97 will carve in all snow conditions, yet has an easy-going personality that inspires trust at any speed. Precise turn initiation from the Hammer Rocker profile and multi-radius tip, combined with an energetic bamboo, metal and poplar core make it a worthy partner anywhere on or off groomed terrain.

Lengths 172/179/186cm
Dimensions 132-97-119mm
Radius 18.5/21/23
Weight 1890/1945/1980g
Hammer Tip Rocker with camber

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