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Make no mistake- this is one of the most coveted skis on the planet and for good reason...they're just so much damn-fun! The Fey Bros just love the Helix! No matter if you Tele-AT or Alpine the Helix is one of the most fun skis you'll ever put on your feet. Now for 2016, the Helix is made with carbon fiber. They ratcheted up the already impressive performance spectrum of the Helix and kept the weight down with a full length carbon fiber layer. With enough width to float, the torsional rigidity to carve, Stealth Rocker for easy turn initiation, and low swing weight, the Helix is the perfect all mountain fat-ski.
Fey Bros Favorite
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167 Dimensions(mm): 135-105-123
Radius(m): 19.5
Weight(g): 1700
176 Dimensions(mm): 135-105-122
Radius(m): 22
Weight(g): 1875
182 Dimensions(mm): 135-105-122
Radius(m): 24
Weight(g): 1950

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