Atomic Vantage 95W

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Let it be known that this Women's ski from Atomic is a total buttkickin' all mountain ski. Complete with a carbon mesh inlay that makes them extremely quick to edge and a bonus for touring as well. Float, lightweight and very strong on her edges..... the total package in this ski.

"This ski really had everything I was looking for- float, strong edge hold on packed snow, light but very stable on edge" Kathleen R.

Length: 154 cm 162 cm
Dimensions: [154 cm] 130 / 95 / 115 mm, [162 cm] 131 / 95 / 116.5 mm, [170 cm] 132 / 95 / 118 mm
Turn Radius: 15m
Profile: All Mountain Rocker (15% tip rocker, 75% underfoot camber, 10% tail rocker)
Construction: Firewall (sandwich)
Core: Light Woodcore
Weight: 6lb 9oz
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years

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