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"Cap Construction with reinforced foam/wood core." New durable Scuff-Tuff top skin keeps snow from gripping to the ski and keeps the ski looking new, year after year. "Non-wax Posi-grip Base" Full Steel Edges.

This version is wider all around than its predecessor, making it a more stable and higher-performing platform than ever. Full steel edges, great flotation and carving ability. Non-wax Posi-grip base works great in all conditions and has fantastic kick on the uphills.

Availability & Specifications:

  • Dimensions:(all sizes) 110 x 66 x 96 mm
  • Profile:traditional camber
  • Construction:cap
  • Core:wood
  • Base:Solite Non-Wax
  • Touring ski
  • Lengths:150, 160, 170;
  • Dimensions:110-66-96


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