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The ultimate binding for the Telemark skier who spends most of their time at resorts. This is an active binding that provides eve, quick power to the ski edge.  The new Step-In interface makes it easier than ever to get in and out of your bindings.
Also is great for kids!...and for your piece of mind.

Availability & Specifications
Options Brakes (70mm, 83mm, 95mm, 110mm) Riser Plate K2 / G3 Insert Adaptor Plate Coiled Leashes Climbing Aid

'STI' Step-In available
Our highest performance releasable Telemark binding
DIN releasble settings: 4-11
1415 grams per pair / 3 lbs. 2 oz.
Ride height: 23 mm
Brakes sold separately

NEW STI Step in Heel makes it easier than ever to get in bindings.

We offer free mounting of any binding we carry when you purchase a ski-binding combination; however, we must have your boot sole length to mount Alpine Touring bindings, and either boot sole length or mondo size and model for telemark binding mounts. The information should be inserted by the buyer in the "notes" field in the checkout cart. If you are unsure of your boot specifications, please call us at 603-533-5589.

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  1. Lloyd says:

    Is the 7 tm in stock?

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