Free Demo Days 2014/15

2014/2015 Free Demo Days

Join us and try out gear for free! We have NTN’s, traditional Telemark, the Teleboard and AT gear too. We’ll even take a run or two with you to help out or answer questions.



7TH MAINE TELEMARK FESTIVAL – MT ABRAMS- The classic spot for New England Telemarks annual Tele-Party- demos, prizes, race and beer!

CROTCHED MOUNTAIN TELE-FEST- CROTCHED MTN, NH- The annual Crotched Fest is central New England’s biggest Tele event, with lots of demos and partying on the “beach” and in the Onset Pub
21st TELEMARK INVASION - SADDLEBACK, MAINE- The “Invasion” is becoming the Tele Event not-to-miss for the NorthEast; plenty of demos from major sponsors and shops and the best skiing in New England!